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rome restaurantsWould you like to enjoy the best and most authentic Roman Restaurants and Hostarias in Rome, Italy without being ripped off? At we offer the first Free Directory of Rome Restaurants and Hostarias.. made by yours personal feedback and experiences!... also don't forget our secret taster DJ gladiator Spartacus... he will go every nite around the best and worst Rome's Restaurants, eating like a pig for you... to find only the best... and tell you what places to avoid!
If you have an experience you would like to tell us about... go ahead and email us... tell us the good but also the bad... with your help we want to create a true and honest Free Rome Restaurants Directory.
The parameters: 1)GOOD FOOD! 2)CLEAN! 3)SERVICE 4)PRICE!
If you are a restaurant owner and you want to share your restaurants with our thousands of visitors from all over the world... feel free to contact us and we will send to your restaurant Spartacus for a FREE evalutation... but don't forget... he's very picky and he doesn't accept bribes!

Click this ON THE AIR Button and you can hear secret audio recordings in Restaurants in Rome by Spartacus...
the first Live Web Radio show from the Rome's Restaurants...
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